BlackWater Seal

Professional producer of various mechanical seals
quality in compliance with international standard
Detailed catalogue available upon request

About Us

BlackWater Seal Company designs and manufactures a full line of mechanical seals available. We design and manufacture both metric & inches and standard and custom seals.

BlackWater Seal has an ongoing commitment to utilize advanced materials design to give our customers maximum seal performance. We partner with leading edge raw-material developers to make new and
advanced materials available to our customers in the seals we make for them.

The sales / engineers of BlackWater Mechanical Seal have a lifetime of experience in designing and manufacturing seal, with practical and theoretical experience, our sales / engineers are uniquely qualified to understand your exact needs, ensuring you
get the right Mechanical Seal In the right material.

BlackWater Mechanical Seal backed by a proud heritage of product innovation, technologically advanced material and market leadership. First as Single Spring Mechanical Seal, then Multi Spring Mechanical Seal and now High Performance Cartridge
Single and Double Mechanical Seal.

We are dedicated to working with customers using our engineering expertise to deliver standard and custom unique sealing solutions. We focus on critical applications and solve today's difficult sealing challanges.

BW High Performance Cartridge Seal group design and manufactures a full line of standard mechanical seals. We have 88
Series of mechanical seals, range about 3800 sizes has been developed by BlackWater Seal Company USA.

Proven to withstand extreme pressure and temperature ranges as well as harsh chemical environments, by selecting the propietary blend of material and developing exact geomaetries, these high performance seal provide solutions for the
demanding applications.